About our 1:1 coaching program

Welcome to Carbs & Consistency Nutrition Coaching! I’m Crystal, the owner & head coach, & I’m so pumped to have you here! If you’ve stumbled upon this page (or, more likely, sought us out), I can probably relate to some of the challenges you’ve experienced in the past, as well as those you’re currently facing. You’ve probably…
  • Struggled with more failed diet attempts than you can count
  • Worked your ass off in the gym, without actually looking like you've put in all that work
  • Felt like you were the only one who diet “xyz” just doesn’t seem to work for
  • And just been living a life of spinning your wheels, goin’ nowhere fast, & feeling BEYOND OVER IT!
  • Guess what? Same here! But it’s not your fault!

    All the “health & fitness” BS you’ve been brainwashed with in the media over the years has been exactly that–a bunch of BS.
    The diet industry is to blame for your lack of results, but you’re in luck, because our team is here to help you break free from all that nonsense with the Fat Loss FOURever FOURmula–our method, and YOUR SOLUTION, to help you finally understand what is TRULY necessary for long-term, sustainable health & weight loss.

    Wanna learn more?
    Keep reading to find out what’s in store for you inside of our 1:1 coaching program.

    When you complete our program, you can expect to:

  • Learn how to fuel your metabolism properly so that your body feels safe letting go of unwanted body fat
  • Learn how to utilize a combination of the right food quantity, quality, and meal composition to accelerate results, perform your best, stay motivated, and recover more efficiently
  • Build a strong relationship with food by following a plan tailored to YOU & your goals
  • Build solid habits to achieve sustainable and permanent results
  • Experience food freedom by finally feeling excited about being able to enjoy your favorite foods, while learning how to navigate social events, special occasions, and vacations without affecting your overall results
  • Learn how to sustain your results FOR LIFE with an intuitive and flexible approach upon finishing the program
  • Coach Liz, Assistant Coach

    Hi there! I’m Coach Liz!

    I started my health and fitness journey 180 lbs heavier than I am now…

    I went through the yo-yo dieting, the endless cardio, then fell in love with weights.

    I have hormone issues (PCOS & Hashimoto's) that I have had to navigate through–the mindset of never being able to change, doctors telling me that only surgery and extreme measures would help me.

    I decided to put my certifications to use with coaching (PN 1, NCI 1&2, HMCC, GGS1) and am currently in school to become a Registered Dietitian.

    I wanted to help everyone find the same joy and life I got back from finding pleasure in movement and nutrition. Now, my passion is to help others shift this mindset around health and fitness. To help them create their own dream life that is sustainable and realistic!

    I cannot wait to work with you and help you grow and be STRONG AF!


    Metabolic Restoration - Think of this as the “preparation phase” for fat loss. It’s the first phase where we spend time bridging the gap from where you’re currently at calorically & habitually, to where you need to be in order to build a solid metabolism that supports sustainable fat loss. This means that you’ll actually get to SUSTAIN your results for the long haul.

    During this phase, we ensure that you’re eating enough so that your body feels safe letting go of unwanted body fat and improving your body composition, aka looking better both IN and OUT of your clothes.

    This is the key step that most people skip, and I’d be willing to bet that it’s the reason you’re stuck. When this phase is skipped in hopes of overnight results, you’re actually delaying your results even more in the long-run. We’ve found time and time again that this phase helps our clients stay more consistent, and produce better life-long results. And that’s our goal: LIFE-LONG RESULTS! Not a 30-day quick-fix!
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    Fat Loss Acceleration - Every client’s plan is personalized based on their individual lifestyle, goals, and preferences. This allows you to live your life on YOUR terms, while still achieving the results you desire. This includes working around social events, date nights, family dinners, outings, and vacations -- as well as teaching you how you can still eat the foods you enjoy throughout the process. We’ll continue to monitor your progress on a weekly basis and set up a game plan for when you can eat more freely and indulge without it putting a halt to your overall progress.

    Let’s face it: if you’re miserable on a diet, you’ll struggle to adhere and you won’t be able to sustain your results long-term. Our program allows you to lose weight without losing your sanity.
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    Recovery - Following your fat loss phase, we’ll work to restore your metabolism from being in a calorie deficit to help you maintain the weight that you’ve lost. This is yet another step that all those fad diets skip, and skipping this results in rebound weight gain. (I know you know exactly what I’m talkin’ about because you’ve been there before.) No one wants to regain the weight they’ve worked so hard to lose, and with us by your side, that’s just not happenin’!

    Not only is this phase an opportunity to sustain your results, but it also enables you to push heavier weights in the gym and build muscle as you increase your calories again. More muscle = looking more lean, toned, and defined. Or, as I like to say, actually looking like you workout!
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    Lifestyle Integration & Optimization - In this final, most important phase, we implement your “exit strategy.” Think of this as a plan for transitioning away from tracking, weighing, and measuring food so diligently, to a more intuitive and flexible approach towards your nutrition. We teach you how to do this AND still maintain the results you’ve achieved long-term.

    Not having an exit strategy is why so many people ultimately have to “restart” their diets over and over again. This is why we ensure that our clients acquire the habits, skills, and knowledge to sustain their results on their own.

    This doesn’t mean that you revert back to living the life you were before our program, but instead that you’re able to walk away with the knowledge and skills that allow for continued success, a new-found confidence, and the ability to always be in control of your nutrition and fitness goals.
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